Britney Spears Engaged or Turned Down Jason Trawick’s Proposal?

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Is Britney Spears engaged or did she turn down Jason Trawick’s proposal or did she do both? Several websites have announced Spears is indeed engaged to Trawick now but that happy announcement is darkened by’s claim.

The tabloid site claims Britney actually turned down Jason’s marriage proposal earlier this month when he proposed to her on her birthday, December 2. Sources say, “Jason got down on one knee and asked. Britney panicked and said she needed time to think. It’s a power move to keep Jason waiting. There’s no way she’ll say no. She won’t rush into anything without giving it a lot of thought.”

Well, just 13 days later and it seems Britney Spears is ready. Jason Trawick confirmed the news saying he proposed to her on Thursday night. Things seem to be really going up for the 30-year-old singer. She was named one of the artists on 2011’s List of 25 Best Songs.

Hopefully for Spears, third time around will be the charm. She’s been with Trawick long enough for them to really know each other. This is definitely not a rushing into anything. Good luck Britney!

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