Britney Spears’ Fiance, Jason Trawick, To Share Conservatorship

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They’re not married yet, but it looks like Britney Spears’ fiancé, Jason Trawick, may still be able to control her. That’s if Spears’s father gets his way. He’s petitioned the court to let Jason serve as co-conservator of Spears.

Don’t worry. Trawick can’t be marrying Brit just to control of her money. He won’t have any access to that. If the request goes through, it is her well-being Jason can help control. In other words, he’ll have the power to take care of things if Spears has another meltdown.

Britney’s last psychological event, which happened in 2008, led to her father serving as conservator over everything Brit. After almost four years, he’s ready to turn at least part of the reigns over to Jason Trawick.

Although Jason is 10 years Britney’s senior, he seems to have a calming effect on the sometimes volatile singer. Britney Spears seemed unbelievably happy when he proposed to her in December. They’re now in the midst of making wedding plans. However, before she ties the knot, Britney wanted to get control of her fortune back. That’s why she petitioned to end the conservatorship with her father.

So far, the court hasn’t ruled on Trawick’s involvement. Brit is also keeping mum. Here’s hoping any new arrangement won’t put a strain on the couple’s love.

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