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The fabulous Miss. Britney Spears made a cameo appearance on her tribute episode of the FOX show Glee last night. Most Spears fans were so excited for the show, and more over to watch with Spears, who tweeted live when the episode aired on the west coast.

20 August 2009 - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - Britney Spears. Britney Spears performs at the first show of the second leg of her North American Circus Tour held at Copps Coliseum. Photo Credit: Stooker/AdMediaThe episode was full of Brit-isms and it was somewhat entertaining, but in the end, it sort of fell by the wayside. The striking resemblance between “Brittany S. Pearce” and Spears added an element of copycat, and lacked originality. The remakes of the songs were utterly terrible except for Artie’s version of Stronger and the full cast version of Toxic.

It’s interesting that people would even purchase these songs sung by the Glee cast because they were far from spectacular, and didn’t even compare to the originals. Okay, but it was a tribute show, so we should cut it some slack, right? Spears herself seemed honored, and that she should be, because the very talented cast put on a great show for her.

Spears’ cameo was so short, if you blinked you missed it. She deserved something bigger (maybe she didn’t have the time?) with more lines and more cast interaction. She was fantastic on How I Met Your Mother, and many of her fans expected that Spears would actually be a part of the show, not just a blip here and there.

All in all, fans were elated to see Brit on Glee, but likely wished she played a larger role. The copycat music acts were done to perfection as far as outfits and staging, but no one compares to Britney Spears, and it wasn’t anything to “wow” over.

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