Britney Spears goes Batman for Birthday

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Britney Spears is all into parenting these days, and she recently threw a costume party to celebrate her younger son Jayden James’s turning five. “We’ve just had a huge birthday party for him yesterday! It was Spiderman and Batman [themed], he’s obsessed, so obsessed!! We have four Spiderman costumes, so all the kids at the party had on costumes!” reports ShowbizSpy.

Does this mean Britney Spears herself dressed up as Catwoman or the bat-dude himself? “Oh, I didn’t dress up at all!” the singer, 29, admits, claiming to be embarrassed. This from the top entertainer who has poured herself into revealiFile:Britney Gimme More Cleveland.jpgng costumes before thousands of people and even shaved her head. But Brit threw herself into the occasion with gusto, as a with-it mom should. Perhaps her priorities are different these days.

The Femme Fatale singer further admits she is feeling a bit older now, as she gets close to 30. She’s more into home and routine stuff and even hanging around her computer. And parenthood is more important to her. She has even offered parenting advice to the pregnant Beyoncé. Is this a new Britney Spears or just the old one holding a Batman cake? Stay tuned.

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