Britney Spears Is Catching Up To Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian, watch out, because Britney Spears is on your tail! Britney is catching up to Kim quickly, in terms of Twitter followers, that is. Spears has reached her 10 million followers mark, one that Kim reached just a couple of weeks ago.

Reaching the 10 million mark in Twitter followers is quite an accomplishment – one that only 5 people aside from Britney Spears has reached. Kim Kardashian is just ahead of Britney, with 10,359,989 followers at the time of this writing. Lady Gaga has more Twitter followers than anyone in the world and has even earned a spot in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records for having nearly 14.5 million Twitter followers. Justin Bieber is next in line, followed by President Obama and Katy Perry.

What is unusual, though, about Britney Spears, is that she actually follows a whole bunch of people on Twitter – over 400,000 people. Usually, celebrities tend to follow other celebs almost exclusively. Britney interacts with her followers and is always responding to her fans tweets, which is considered good Twitter etiquette, but also great self-promotion.

The window is getting to be tight, though, between the number of followers Britney Spears has and the number Kim Kardashian has. Britney could pass right by Kim at any moment, so Kim better watch out!

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