Britney Spears Lawsuit with Brand Sense Partners Finally Settled

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Though it may have taken years to hash out, the Brand Sense Partners/Britney Spears lawsuit has finally reached a settlement agreement, with Spears paying years worth of commissions, along with an undisclosed lump sum.

The lawsuit was initially filed after Spears and her father allegedly cut the group out of a deal with Elizabeth Arden for Britney’s fragrance, Radiance. Brand Sense Partners claimed to have connected Spears with the company for the purpose of the deal, and as such, were supposed to receive 35% of the profits from the sales, but Brit Brit and Papa Spears then apparently decided to cut a side deal with Elizabeth Arden, or so the story goes.

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Even though the payout has to be a bit of an inconvenience, any Britney Spears lawsuit is clearly bad press for the pop star, and – to be honest – it’s not like she is hurting for money by anyone’s standards!

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