Britney Spears – Lose the Weight!

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Is it just me, or is anyone else wondering how long it will take for Britney Spears to loose more weight and get back to hit-me-baby-one-more-time body she used to have. Really, what's the hold up? In my opinion, there isn't an excuse for a celebrity like her to be out of shape for so long. Why?

#1- She's rich. This girl can afford a personal trainer and healthy meals. Stop the shopping and start some situps. And replace those dusty Cheetos with some fruit!

#2 – She's got competition. Britney's in an industry in which she's competing against fit and beautiful women such as Rihanna and Jessica Simpson. Eventually, she'll be overlooked once the tabloids are tired of bringing her down.

#3 – She's needs to be in the spotlight (not just tabloids)
She needs to be back and shape and energized so that she can start touring again and making the music videos we used to love. (The last three videos she came out with had great music, but no moves.) She needs more positive attention if she wants to be a legend and not a has been.

#5 – She needs confidence! When you look good, you feel good. Let's loose some weight, then we can discuss your weave.

#4 – Because I said so. She public speaks. I'm a caring fan here just looking out for her best interest.

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