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A former bodyguard claims that Britney Spears sexually harassed him and sent nude photos of herself to him. Fernando Flores claims Britney Spears’s nude photos are explicit enough to disgust anybody, and she had sent them to him from her cell phone. He is suing her for sexual harassment with sought damages totaling around $14 million.

The nude photos of Britney Spears, according to sources, include shots of the pop star in revealing lingerie while doing seductive poses. In some of the shots, Britney Spears boldly has the camera aimed at her vagina for an explicit upskirt photo. Flores claims that he has solid proof that the photos were sent directly by Britney Spears from her phone around April of 2010.

Britney, who is denying the allegations, doesn’t realize that her lawyers seem to know something that even she isn’t aware of. Apparently they are wanting this court case to be completely private as they are aware that there is evidence that can damage the singer’s image. According to one of her lawyers, “there is a real possibility that Ms Spears will be exposed to danger by the release of confidential and personal information.”

With that kind of statement being released, it is obvious that they’re taking the steps to cushion a fallout of raunchy photos of Britney Spears. Just this past January, Christina Aguilera went through a similar crisis when her stylist’s computer was hacked and nude photos were leaked on the internet. Can Christina offer Britney any advice? Probably not, since Xtina wasn’t as bold as to take pictures of her legs, spread eagle so everyone can see her tonsils from below.

As for Fernando Flores, the 29-year old ex cop says he only worked for Spears for a month because the sexual advances were so frequent and off-putting. A friend of his commented on the situation and claims to have seen the pictures.

“There are a few where she is naked, exposing herself in a way that she clearly hoped would make him aroused,” he said.


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