Britney Spears ‘Obsessed’ With Lady Gaga

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Britney Spears is “obsessed” with Lady Gaga, and she’s “desperate” to hook up with her. Professionally, that is. The troubled former Disney princess and one-time Justin Bieber-caliber pop sensation is desperate to work with the Born This Way singer again.

Yes, again. It seems that back in the day before La Germanotta morphed into Lady Gaga, the fame monster/pop star/provocateur/meat-wearer extraordinaire, she actually wrote three songs for Britney Spears. Now that La Spears is the less-famous one, she longs to collaborate with the “Judas” girl one more time. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

“Britney is desperate to work with her again,” revealed an insider. “She is very aware that Gaga is a big threat to her in terms of her longevity in music.”

Unfortunately for Britney Spears, Lady Gaga doesn’t seem to be interested in re-connecting professionally. Although Britney is “fascinated with her and blown away by her music,” Gaga remains uninterested. “So far,” says the source, “there has been no indication that a collaboration will ever happen.”

So is Britney beginning to despair? Looks that way. Or as the insider put it: “Britney feels like with artists like Gaga and Katy Perry, her days in pop are coming to an end.”

Hopefully, that’s not true. Despite her personal problems with rotten men and mental health issues, Spears was and still is one of the great superstars of pop music. Hopefully, there will always be a place for her on the pop music scene.

Hang in there, Britney.

As for the Madonna impersonator–er–Lady Gaga… Whatever.

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