Britney Spears Plays Cleopatra for Elizabeth Arden Campaign

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To the best of everyone’s knowledge, Cleopatra wasn’t blonde, although she may have donned a wig or two that simulated that color. However, the Egyptian queen is getting a rewrite as Britney Spears goes blonde Cleopatra for an Elizabeth Arden campaign.

The new X Factor judge took part in the fragrance campaign featuring fantasy twists. Maybe that’s where the blonde tresses come into play.

There’s no denying there’s a correlation between the two women. Both are beautiful. Both could be controversial. Both were also just a little big mad. Lastly, both possessed an affinity for snakes. Taking all of those things into consideration, maybe the choice of Spears to play the Queen of the Nile isn’t all that far-fetched after all.

The fragrance Brit is trying to sell with her Egyptian turn comes out this September. Fans must wait until then to see if Britney Spears‘ charms can match that of the legendary Queen.

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