Britney Spears Practically Gives Mansion Away, Loses $3M!

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In Britney Spears mind, perhaps she was just trying to offer a half-price sale. Reports are that Britney just sold her Beverly Hills house. This is hardly news, as celebrities buy and sell property all the time. The thing is that Spears took a $3 million hit when she sold the property. Talk about a mortgage underwater.

Britney Spears just sold her $6.7 million mansion for a stunning $2.9 million. The thing is, she only lived there for about five years. That means it cost her to live in this house about $2,000 a day. Goodness she could have rented the best penthouse apartment in Los Angeles for 2 grand a day, right? Of course, some are saying that the loss on the house doesn’t hurt as she is rumored to have a new gig on the horizon.

Is it possible that Britney Spears is getting out from under the mansion in time to cash-in as a new judge on X-Factor USA with a new $10 million contract? Whatever the case, big contract or not, that Spears ended up that much underwater for this mansion either shows that she really is in a financial mess, not knowing how to manage her funds, or that record execs have raped her…leaving the singer earning far less than she could.

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