Britney Spears to Write a Novel?

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She sings; she dances; she acts, well sort of. She even judges talent. Now she’s a writer too? Is there anything Britney Spears can’t do? Apparently, there isn’t, although the verdict is still out on the whole judging thing.

Britney is in talks with a major book publishing company—Harper Collins. At least the formerly troubled star isn’t penning a tale of woe. Her fans and those who aren’t as forgiving have likely heard enough about her actual life for now. However, they might be okay with a somewhat fictionalized version of the real thing, which is supposedly what Brit is planning. She’s following the lead set by some other notable celebrities such as Lauren Conrad.

There are a couple of questions very likely on some people’s minds. The first is whether or not Spears has any writing talent. The second is who will be penning the novel? Will it actually be Britney or a behind the scenes ghost writer.

Hundreds of gifted writers fail to break into the publishing world every year just because they aren’t already well known. Yet Britney Spears automatically gets a book deal because she happens to be famous for something totally unrelated to writing. If her book isn’t stellar, there’ll surely be a lot or ranker. Many are tired of the rich getting richer while the poor (yet often talented) continue to starve.

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