Brittany Eldridge Sherwood: Pregnant Woman Murdered

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Brittany Eldridge Sherwood was discovered dead in her apartment in Knoxville, Tennessee, this week after not showing up for work on Tuesday. This death is being investigated as a homicide, but very few details are available.

width:320 and height: 235 and picwidth: 217 and pciheight: 159The 25-year-old woman was heavily pregnant with a boy, and she is reported to have been looking forward to meeting her child. It’s unfortunate that not only the life of Brittany Eldridge Sherwood was taken, but so was the unborn baby boy she was carrying. He was due to be born in three weeks.

It’s only been in the latest updates that the dead pregnant woman was identified. Her identity was confirmed by a cousin who says she wanted her son more than anything. Her lifeless body was discovered by her mother after she was called by her boss to ask where she was, since she was late for work. Hopefully detectives can get to the bottom of this murder.

How did Brittany Eldridge Sherwood die?

These details haven’t been released yet, but details are coming in by the minute it seems in this tragic case. It would be interesting to find out what kind of lifestyle the woman led, and whether or not she associated with dangerous individuals or drugs. Was the father of her unborn child on good terms with her and in her life, or was she a single mother going through tough times? None of these details have been released, and it’s probably for the solidarity of the investigation. Hopefully this case is solved soon and justice can be served.

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