Brittany Killgore Shocking Update: Suicide Note Led to Body

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A shocking revelation has been made in the Brittany Killgore case and it involves the discovery of a suicide note. It’s already known that 27-year-old Jessica Lynn Lopez was arrested very shortly before what is believed to be the body of the missing woman was found. Now the details behind all of this have been released as well, but to a certain extent. This is a strange case and it just feels like it might get stranger.

When Jessica Lynn Lopez was taken in, she was put under mandatory medical care; but her condition was not released. Sources reveal now that the woman had allegedly attempted suicide, but she had also written a note ahead of the sad, failed attempt. The note reportedly contained the details of the abduction and murder of Brittany Killgore as well as the location in which her body could be found.

As of now, Lopez is not released from medical care; but police do intend on charging her with murder when she recovers from her botched suicide. She isn’t the only suspect either, which is strange. A 40-something-year-old man, who was last seen with Killgore, is also being fully investigated in this homicide.

Honestly, what seems strange is that this woman has an “estranged” husband who flew out from his overseas deployment to aid in the search for the woman before her body was found. It was soon after this announcement that all hell broke loose and this young woman tried to kill herself after writing a note about it. Since police aren’t releasing how Jessica and the victim know one another, could it be safe to speculate that perhaps this suspect is someone who knows the “estranged” husband? He is not a suspect in the case, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t at least connected by acquaintances. Just a thought.

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