Brittany Murphy death photo

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Brittany Murphy death photo is the first search term Google suggests if you type “Brittany Murphy.”

I’m tempted to just leave the post at that and allow you to meditate on the cultural implications of Google determining that most Americans, when searching for Brittany Murphy, are after images of her lifeless body. And, if you clicked on this link because you thought I had some, you have even more thinking to do. Or maybe not, this isn’t a morality contest, right?

In any event, Murphy’s death seems like a fitting cap to a year of celebrity deaths that I think are some cause for discussion. It’s safe to assume that more celebrities than usual didn’t die this year (I haven’t done any research, but it isn’t like someone blew up the Staples Center during the Oscars, so I think my assumption can stand.) which can only mean that those that did, for whatever reason, got more coverage. It’s a chicken-egg conversation to try and figure out if there was coverage because people wanted it, or if people wanted it because there was more coverage of it, but either way, enough people wanted it.

Why? Well, death is intrinsically interesting (for goth kids), and we like watching famous people do pretty much anything, so I guess watching famous people die is fascinating. If these people (Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, Jane Fonda, Larry King) mean something to you than you’re obviously not balanced to begin with, so really it doesn’t mean anything to most people. Yet we’re forced to watch it. Or encouraged to feel something. Is death so profound that we feel some obligation to talk in hushed tones about someone we didn’t know who isn’t here anymore?

Death is personal, private even. And for that close group of people who are effected by it, it’s profound. I think, as this year and decade has become more and more about (over-)sharing… everything, this is just the natural progression and, I hope, the extreme of that development. Is this when the contraction begins? Is this the extreme that finally brings us back to some sense of reasonable documentation of our lives and our obsession with others?

Probably not. Whatever. Brittany Murphy death photos!!!

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