Brittany Murphy Update: Collapsed in a Pool of Vomit

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R.I.P Brittany Murphy!

Brittany Murphy, as reported earlier, died Sunday morning of a heart attack.

Sources have told TMZ Brittany was sick right before she died.  Brittany was vomiting that morning and was found collapsed in the shower surrounded by vomit.  She was taking prescription drugs which were found all through the house.  Prescription drugs were made out in Brittany’s name, her husband Simon and also her mother.

A source told TMZ, “There were a lot…a lot of prescriptions in the house.”  However, there were no illegal drugs found in the house.

The prescriptions may be a contributing factor to Brittany’s death, but a known cause has not been verified.  An autopsy will be performed today or tomorrow against the wishes of Brittany’s husband Simon Monjack.

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