Brittany Murphy’s Husband, Simon Monjack, Dies 6 Months after Wife [pictures of cats]

Simon Monjack, the husband of the late actor Brittany Murphy, was found dead at his house in the Hollywood hills Sunday night according to the L. A. Times. The L. A. Fire Department responded to what it called an “unspecified medical aid request,” at Monjack’s house in the 1800 block of Rising Glen Road according to the Times. When fire department EMTs arrived at the scene in response to the 9:24 PM PDT call, they pronounced Monjack dead.

The sleazy and unprincipled celebrity gossip site, TMZ, suggests the possibility of a drug overdose as the cause of death. It’s interesting how the site made this inference. It quotes an anonymous law enforcement source as saying that the two most likely causes of death are “natural” and “accidental drug overdose.” In other words, the cause of death has not been determined yet but those are two possibilities. Considering that, as reported by the TMZ, Murphy’s mother, discovered Monjack’s unconscious body in his bedroom, showing no overt signs of foul play, that the two possibilities mentioned in the article seem to cover the more likely causes of death. TMZ reports that prescription drugs were found on Monjack’s night stand some of which were “the same as the ones found after Brittany died.” I think it’s safe to assume that by “Brittany” TMZ meant Monjack’s deceased wife, Brittany Murphy, a third tier actor best known for being the voice of Luanne on “King of the Hill.”

It’s fascinating how, in the world of celebrity gossip, every coincidence, and many totally unrelated incidents are “eerie.” People seem to be enthralled by the idea that sinister forces are operating behind the scenes in an obviously unfriendly universe. It might be an atavistic holdover from humanity’s early days as the prey of larger, stronger animals. There may be considerable survival value in viewing the universe as inherently inimical and having personal animosity toward the individual. Cat owners are very familiar with this sort of behavior. Cats often spend much of their time hiding, and almost always disappear when unfamiliar humans enter the house. Could it be something we have in common with our pets?


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