Brittny Gastineau, Kim Kardashian’s BFF, Not Pregnant

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Brittny Gastineau, who is Kim Kardashian’s best friend, is not pregnant. Rumors circulated that Gastineau, recently connected to both Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and The Jersey Shore’s Pauly D, was expecting. She has proved otherwise in a photo.

According to a report from Popeater, Gastineau answered the celebrity publication directly–with a photo!

“Do I look pregnant? LOL” was Brittny Gastineau’s text that accompanied a scantily-clad photo of Kardashian’s BFF for everyone to see. In the photo she appears about as thin and trim as anyone could possibly be.

So where did this rumor that Gastineau was pregnant originate? It seems she was spotted recently having lunch with friends at Joan’s On Third in L.A. She was apparently wearing an oversized t-shirt at the time of the luncheon. Since she had been recently connected to both Michael Phelps and Pauly D, people must have simply jumped to conclusions.

Can you imagine being in the media spotlight to the extent that if you wear an oversized t-shirt out to a restaurant, people assume you are pregnant? If you got a bad haircut would they immediately diagnose you with alopecia?

Hopefully Brittny Gastineau is replying honestly to Popeater’s request. And maybe those who assumed she was pregnant will feel a little bit silly. But is this the last time something like this will happen? Certainly not! The public has way too much fun speculating, and the media is always lying in wait, in hopes of blowing the next celebrity rumor way out of proportion.

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