Broken Heart (concrete poetry)

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                           You                                                                             Me

                Me                     Me                                                You                      You

            You                                  You                          Me                                         Me

        Me                                                  Me  You                                                           You              

     YOU                                                        US                                                                    ME

     You have left                                                                                         Do you care at all?

        this hole in my                                                                            Can you feel my tears?

           heart…and I don't                                                                 Can you feel my pain?

              know if I will ever                                                             I walk in the shadows

                 be the same, feel the                                                 and pray for the light

                    same  again. You                                                  but try as I may, all I

                         have taken what was                               can see is the darkness

                            sacred and stomped                         through these eyes that

                              it deep into the barren                 used to look upon you

                                  earth.  Now all that's              with love deeper than

                                       left is me, so lonely          I have ever known

                                                  All that's left is    All that's left is

                                                           A broken hearted


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I am easy-going, and love to laugh and smile. I have a positive outlook on life, and still have many dreams to fulfill. I am a very mulit-faceted person and consider myself to be a walking oxymoron at times. I'm still searching for the real me....

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