Brooke Burke Name Change to Charvet Ahead of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Premiere

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Brooke Burke is taking her husband David’s name after her surprise wedding. She will be Brooke Charvet, which is a major change. It took the couple five years to get married, but this name change started tonight on Dancing with the Stars. What an exciting change!

Brooke Burke Name Change to Charvet Ahead of Last night at the 2011 Emmy Awards, Brooke Burke said, “I’m happy about being Brooke Charvet.” Most women in Hollywood keep their maiden names (think Kim Kardashian), but this feisty dancer is bucking that trend and taking her husband’s name, which is a refreshing change.

What do you think about her name change? Do you think it is a good move for the newlywed mother of four? Apparently not everybody in her world is in love with the idea. She said, “It’s been 50-50 from everybody, but I’m doing it!” Hey, it is her name, so what her other friends, family, and people think really has nothing to do with it.

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