Brooke Hogan Defends Nude Photo

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Brooke Hogan is defending her nude photo—namely the one she unveiled in front of her dad (you may know him as Hulk). The blonde bombshell did not do anything super racy, however, as the photos were for a new PETA ad—something both she and her dad are in support of.

“Im SO sick of pBrooke Hoganeople saying me and my dad are in some perverted relationship. Go home and do your own thing! Stop picking on me,” the former reality star tweeted. It’s not like Brooke did Playboy and showed her dad the sexy photos. While she does look very stunning in the nude shot, it’s not that provocative, and it’s not for sexual purposes.

Brooke Hogan is often criticized for her look as she is the only daughter of one of the biggest wrestlers in the world. People have insulted her weight and her overall appearance, which she has worked very hard at keeping perfect. She is a beautiful young woman and her nude PETA photo is gorgeous.

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