Brooke Hogan Nude PETA Ad: Hulk’s Daughter Naked for ‘Women in Cages’ Promo

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The new Brooke Hogan nude PETA ad has been revealed online. Brooke, daughter of famous wrestler, “Hulk Hogan,” appears in a new campaign called “Women in Cages.”

Brooke Hogan is seen in a few photos from the new PETA campaign over at The Sun. While Brooke took it all off for the camera, the new images aren’t exactly “full exposure.” The black and white photos have Brooke’s hair and hands covering her private parts up as she poses in the cage. This would seem to be appropriate since her father spent several matches inside a steel cage. Brooke has yet to go into wrestling, but that’s always a possibility.

The official photos were unveiled at an official exhibition in the Cafeina Lounge of Miami, Florida, on the same day as Hulk Hogan’s 58th birthday. Brooke Hogan joins other celebrities such as Dennis Rodman, Alicia Silverstone, Natalie Imbruglia, and Pam Anderson as those who have gone naked for PETA ads.

This could be the launch of a more lucrative career for Brooke Hogan too. While she hasn’t really been too successful in music, she recently tweeted she’s preparing her “abs” for a new movie role. Hopefully for Brooke, it’s one that doesn’t co-star Hulk Hogan and one that goes to theaters, not straight to DVD or Blu-Ray.

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