Brooke Shields ‘Caught’ Smoking Weed After Denying Drug Use: Is Photo a Fake?

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Brooke Shields is vehemently denying that a photo of her smoking weed is really her. The photo that ‘surfaced’ on Twitter supposedly shows the now 47-year-old actress in her teen years leaning forward on a couch and lighting a pipe. H.R., lead singer of punk group Bad Brains, leans back next to her laughing. No one has officially analyzed the photo yet, but it could very easily be a masterpiece of Photoshop. What makes this even more ridiculous? Even if it were real, this ‘photo’ of her was taken decades ago! Really, who cares?

Suspicious: This image of Brooke Shield's allegedly smoking cannabis with hardcore punk artiste H.R was leaked on the internet

Shields’s spokesperson says that it is definitely not her, and the actress herself has yet to comment. In 2000, she said that her mother used to have a laid-back attitude about trying drugs, which turned Shields completely off to the idea. She said: “The whole thing was so unappealing to me.” Someone probably thought it would be funny to create a fake photo of her smoking weed to make her look like a hypocrite.

It’s no secret that celebrities are the victims of vicious paparazzi, and ‘leaked’ photos, real or fake, can come back to haunt them later. (A recent example of this is poor Kate Middleton, who was the topless, unknowing subject of a greedy photographer). Hopefully Brooke Shields will just laugh this photo fiasco off. Do you think the photo of the star in her “Blue Lagoon” days is real or faked?

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