Brooke Shields Hid Broken Hand for Weeks – ‘Leap of Faith’ – The Wacky Reason!

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Brooke Shields recently broke her hand during a rehearsal for her upcoming play, Leap of Faith. However, Shields hid the broken hand for weeks! Brook Shield’s reasons for not contacting a doctor or alerting her director about the broken hand? The surprisingly answer ahead!

According to Wonderwall, Brooke Shields suffered in silence because she didn’t want to be considered “high maintenance.” The actress broke her hand last month but it took at least three weeks before she went in to get it fixed! It’s uncertain the pain level Shields was in but if she was able to muster through practice for the play, she was able to keep it hidden.

It was during an appearance on the “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” on Friday that Brooke Shields came clean with the story of her broken hand! She didn’t make a big deal about it and told Ferguson:

“There’s a moment where I kick over a chair and do this whole dance number and it was a very heavy, heavy chair, so it kind of bent my finger over, all the way back. I don’t like being high maintenance so I was like, ‘I’m just going to be fine with it, I’m fine!

So I was walking around with it for about two or three weeks in excruciating pain because I didn’t want to be high maintenance. So I finally went in (to the hospital) and I just got the cast off today.”

It’s safe to say Brooke Shields is definitely a professional when it comes to her career…maybe a bit too much in some aspects! As for Leap of Faith, previews at the Ahmanson Theatre begin Sept. 11. The play is scheduled to debut on Oct. 3.

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