Brooke Tarrant Reveals Details About Her Second Pregnancy

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Brooke Tarrant of 16 & Pregnant is currently one of five stars of the show to be pregnant with their second child and while she’s shared photos of her baby bump with fans, she hasn’t revealed many details about the pregnancy. However, she recently spoke out and revealed several details that were previously kept secret including the baby’s name.

“I’m really so excited for Ryley, my belly is very big and i can’t wait to see my baby girl!” Brooke wrote. “Ryley is growing up so fast, the doctor says it is likely that Ryley born December 28. We’re waiting a lot.” If she comes a few days early, Ryley could be a Christmas baby, or if she comes a few days late, she could be a New Year’s baby. One thing is for sure, Brooke is going to be busy this holiday season.

Brooke is currently married to Cody and has another child, a son, named Brody. She may be young, but she’s doing a great job with her family and a new baby is going to be super exciting for Brody who is just 2 years old. There’s so much happening in the lives of some of the girls of 16 & Pregnant, it’s a shame they don’t do a catch-up special — especially since there are so many second pregnancies going on right now.

Congratulations to Brooke Tarrant and her family on Baby Ryley!

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