Brooklyn Girl Suffered Abuse Before Dying Tied to Bed – Mother Faces Criminal Charges

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The Brooklyn girl who was found dead tied to a bed, suffered abuse in the days before her death. Marchella Pierce was a severely emaciated 4-year-old child, and her mother faces criminal charges over the girl’s abuse and death.

Carlotta Brett-Pierce Charged in Marchella Pierce’s Death

Carlotta Brett-Pierce, 30, stands accused of severely abusing her daughter who weighed just 18 pounds at the time of her death. The criminal complaint says that the mom struck her daughter with a belt and a video box. Finally, she tied Marchella to a bed, and then forced her to take blue sleeping pills according to the New York Times.

There were bruises all over Marchella’s body in addition to marks from the twine that tied her to the bed. Reports are that Pierce tied her daughter down because she woke up at night and ate from the refrigerator making a mess. The poor little girl was starving to death! Of course she would try to get food any way she could. She was severely malnourished before she died.

The crazy thing is that the Pierce family had been monitored by the Administration for Children’s Services since November, so how was Marchella allowed to get to this point without somebody noticing and removing her from the home?

The mother is being held on $300,000 bail, thank goodness! Her family is defending her and saying that she loved the kids and did not abuse them, but the facts appear to say otherwise. The poor girl must have suffered so much before she died!

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