Brother of Mo’Nique admits to molesting her when they were children.

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I don’t know if the truth sets a person free, but a lie has the potential to imprison many. Today on “Oprah” the brother of Mo’Nique, who had already spoken publicly about being molested by her brother as a child, confirmed that he abused her.

The Academy-Award winning Mo’Nique had already won my admiration for her unflinching portrayal of a mother-abuser in the movie “Precious” which is based on the novel “Push” by writer Sapphire. The actor, better known for her comedic talents, portrayed a mother that most of us don’t want to imagine, but also offered a portrayal that shed harsh light on how the pain of one family member can be inflicted upon another.

In reality, her brother, Gerald Imes, told Oprah that he was also molested as a child before her turned on his sister – when he was 13 and she was 7 or 8.  He told Oprah that he went on to molest another child, a crime for which he was eventually arrested.

I don’t know what is motivating Imes to come forward and if his speaking out now will relieve his pain.

But there’s ample evidence that molestation happens in the darkness of secrets and that molesters are frequently family members. If we continue to pretend they are ‘others’ or ‘monsters’ we won’t get to the root of how this happens – and how to stop it.

“I dedicate this to anyone that’s ever been touched,” Mo’Nique said when accepting a Golden Globe for her movie performance. “It’s now time to tell.”

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