‘Brothers and Sisters’ May Return For Season 6 With Less Kitty

Brothers and Sisters fans should not give up hope yet on their favorite ABC drama. The Walker family might receive a reprieve from ABC. Yes, there is word out that the series might actually return for a season six. The series will not receive a full order if it does return, but the series might be able to wrap up storylines and go out in a way that is fitting for this ABC drama.

Rumors about the cancellation popped up over the weekend when Rachel Griffiths joked that she might be soon out of a job. It was Gilles Marini that made a plea to the network to keep the show on the air for one more year earlier this week. Now, according to Deadline, that plea might have worked. ABC is considering its options in the time it has left before upfronts begin on May 16. The issue with the series is two-fold – ratings and budget. With the large cast, the cost of the series is an issue.

The cast was reduced this season, and certain characters were seen at different times. If the series returns for next year, it might be at the cost of Calista Flockhart. Her character was one of those seen less this season, and she might be seen even less if the series is picked up for season six. If the series does return, Calista Flockhart might only appear in six episodes. The series might be given an order of anywhere between six to eighteen episodes, but at least thirteen episodes is likely.

Brothers and Sisters has become a strong family drama, but in recent years ratings have not been the best. Early this season, the series had a brief comeback, but ratings dropped once again. What do you think? Do you want the series to return for season six? Do you still want that with the lack of Calista Flockhart promised if the series does return?

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