Brothers and Sisters Season 4 Episode 2, Official Never Say Never Music Video [Video]

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The fall television season is now under way on ABC, and one of the most popular series on the network has to be Brothers and Sisters. On Sunday nights, we are taken into the lives of the Walker clan, living their lives along with them, and if there is one thing about this family – they are never boring. Last week, we had the premiere for season four, and we were thrown into the planning of the wedding of Justin and Rebecca while Kevin and his husband think about having as baby, Sarah tries to find love online, and Kitty tries to repair the damage done to her marriage while trying to raise her new son. However, it wouldn’t be a season of Brothers & Sisters without some huge crisis for the family to deal with, and it looks like we are getting to know what that crisis is early on in this season. At the end of last week’s episode, Kitty was given some distressing news about her health, and this week it is time to tell someone in the family just what that news is. Will we see the Walker family once again come together, and will this news bring Robert and Kitty back together?

This week’s episode focuses mostly on Kitty and Robert. At the start of the episode, we learn that Robert is now dealing with the possibility of his heart attack being brought public. He needs to meet with the governor who now has his former aide working for her. Kevin is still trying to talk Scotty into having a baby, Justin is dealing with medical school and studying, and Kitty goes to her mother to ask her to come with her to hear her test results. Those results come in, and it is lymphoma. A treatable form of cancer in the lymph nodes. Nora sits with her daughter and tries to help her through this difficult time. She even offers to take Evan for a few days to give Kitty time to be alone to talk to Robert. However, it looks like the governor breaks the news about the heart attack Robert had before Kitty gets her chance to sit him down for a talk. In fact, the two of them argue the minute he walks through the door because Kitty has no idea at all about the news leak about the heart attack.

There is another news leak. This one coming from Kevin about the governor’s affair, which sends Kevin straight to Kitty and Robert’s and leaves Scotty with Nora. They talk about his reservations about the surrogacy. He thinks with their two schedules a child would be impossible to manage. Nora somehow holds it together but Kitty falls apart and finally blurts out to Robert that she has cancer. Meanwhile, Ojai is still having financial troubles, and Holly puts Rebecca against Ryan to work on ideas to help safe the company. Rebecca suggests selling a cheap wine, while Ryan suggests selling their wine to other vendors. However, it looks like Ryan is being underhanded and selling the company information off to a mysterious man.

Kitty and Robert do finally talk about her cancer, and her main worry is that her husband is there because he feels obligated to be there and not because he loves her. He tries to reassure her, but she doesn’t believe him. Meanwhile, it seems that Scotty and Kevin discuss their baby issues and work those out as well. Nora goes to Sal about Kitty, while Kitty has her bone marrow biopsy with Robert by her side. Next week, we should know the results of that, and then Kitty will tell the entire family about her cancer diagnosis. Another powerful compelling episode of Brothers and Sisters. A series that takes us deep into the lives of these people each and every week. What did you think of tonight’s episode?

Earlier this week, ABC released new official video for the series to the song Never Say Never By The Fray. The music video includes a performance by the group and takes a look at the relationship of Kitty and Robert from the beginning of their relationship to now. Check that out below.

Check out below for what is set to happen on Brothers and Sister next week!

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