‘Brothers and Sisters': The Sixth Season That Could Have Been

Brothers and Sisters was just one of the many shows canceled last week by ABC. The series had hoped to return in the fall with a short season that would allow them to wrap up storylines, but the executive producer of the ABC drama knew there was a chance the series would not return, and they planned an episode to end the season that could also serve as an end to the series. If the series had continued on though, there were plans in the works for season six.

David Marshall Grant said the following about those plans to TV Line: “We were definitely interested in Brody’s kids. I thought that his daughter would have been a great character. … Sarah had new brothers and sisters. So we were really interested in exploring Sara’s new family with Brody and how that could present conflict with the Walkers, because she now would have one foot in two worlds. Kevin and Scotty had finally created this family that they always wanted, so we were looking forward to telling the story of a gay family with two kids and what that means in terms of the world that we live in today.”

Another story line would have involved Kitty and her pregnancy. She would have to refuse treatment if she kept the baby and her cancer came back. Calista Flockhart was a big part of the issue with the series continuing though. ABC tried to bring her back for less episodes to save money, but in the end the series and ABC could not reach an agreement. That meant the end to this family drama. There were new faces and new places to go if the series did continue on for another year, but Brothers and Sisters has aired for the final time. The Walkers will continue to live their lives without the watchful eyes of their fans. Would you have wanted to see a sixth season for this ABC drama?

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