Bruce Jenner–Has Kim Kardashian’s Stepdad Had More Plastic Surgery?

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Has Bruce Jenner–stepdad of Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian–had more plastic surgery? A rumor is circulating, saying he’s done just that. Oh, come on, Bruce–you already look like a stretched-out version of an old Ken doll! Shouldn’t you just leave well enough alone?

According to Hollywood Life, Bruce was spotted recently at an L.A. Lakers game with some bruising and a fresh scar on his face. Is this indicative of yet another facelift for the former Olympic runner?

"B*tch, I want my damn ATM card." -Bruce JennerSome suspect Bruce is feeling like he’s constantly under the microscope as a reality TV show star, and that is somehow heightening his burning need to look and feel younger. If you check out the following photos, you can plainly see the before and after shots that depict what appears to be a scar from a recent incision.

Kim Kardashian has long defended Bruce Jenner for his multiple cosmetic procedures, and even supported one of his facelifts as part of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality show.

Do you think Bruce Jenner has gone too far with his plastic surgeries? Isn’t there a point at which he should simply stop and consider and say, ‘good enough?’ And why isn’t a cosmetic surgeon telling him he’s morphing into a reptilian-type being instead of achieving the look of a younger, more handsome man? Oh–that’s right. Money!

Sure, it’s understandable why some people want a little nip here and a little tuck there, but when someone like Bruce Jenner keeps going under the knife to do what he thinks is improving his appearance–isn’t the problem likely way more than just skin deep?

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