Bryeon Hunter Update: Did Potty Training Lead to Murder?

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Maywood, Illinois: Bryeon Hunter remains missing, but recent reports share that the mother and her boyfriend are being questioned in connection to his disappearance. These new developments add disturbing elements to a case that has already taken a horrible turn. Earlier it was reported that officials believe little Bryeon is dead, and the Hispanic men who were earlier named as suspects have been completely cleared in the child’s disappearance.


Read all of the coverage of this case here and bookmark for continued updates, because this cause continues to produce new details with every hour. With the boyfriend being questioned by police it’s only a matter of time before more information comes out. Just what happened that left the mother battered and the child missing — and why did she insert, as an afterthought, that little Bryeon had been beaten by the men she falsely accused?

Is the boyfriend being questioned the one who lives with Lakeshia Baker the one this report insinuates may have beaten the boy in a fit related to a potty training accident? It seems like far too often that “mother’s boyfriend” is responsible for horrible tragedies that involve battered and murdered children. And it’s not unheard of for potty training to be cited as an element in the abuse cases. Was the mother of this child covering for her boyfriend?

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