Bryeon Hunter Was Beaten by Kidnappers, Presumed Dead

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The search for Bryeon Hunter continues on a heartbreaking note. Officials now suspect that the one-year-old infant is dead after missing several hours. Now they are searching the river area near Maywood, seeking the boy’s body. The search is being referred to as a recovery mission of the Des Plaines river on what appears to be very specific information — though officials are offering very little detail to the media.

This morning the mother of the kidnapped child spoke to the media, and it was apparent that she was the victim of an attack. Her face bruised, and her eyes swollen from the tears of a mother stripped from her child — she claimed to not know the assailants. Though this earlier Gather News report indicates that she was seen arguing with them several days ago.

They pulled up out of the alleyway and told me ‘Didn’t we say we didn’t want to see you here no more?’ They pulled down my hair and pulled me in the car and started beating me and all I heard was my baby just screaming,” said Lakeshia Baker. “They beat him too,” she added.

If what Lakeshia says is true, then that is just horrific. Why would these men do such a horrific thing to a mother and child they “do not know?” Is Lakeshia insinuating that this was done as a hate crime or for some other reason?

All that matters at this point is finding little Bryeon Hunter.

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