BSB & NKOTB to Do Mash-up of Hits at American Music Awards

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Fans of both Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block have been over the moon since the summer, when it was announced that the two groups would be joining forces for a tour in the future.  And now that the NKOTBSB Tour is official for next summer, fans are even more excited.

Backstreet Boys & New Kids On The Block Performing at AMAs

The Backstreet Boys perform at their 2010 tour opener at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on May 29, 2010. UPI/Michael Bush Photo via Newscom

The two groups will join up sooner than the tour, however.  On the American Music Awards November 21st, the nine members will all be on stage together, and according to Howie Dorough of Backstreet Boys, “as of right now, we’re putting together a little mash-up.”  Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids On The Block told Ryan Seacrest, “I think we’ll do a bunch of our hits together….The beauty of it is that we have so many hit records between the two bands.  We could go on stage for three hours and do fifty records.  We want to do a taste of that on the AMAs and…show our fans what is in store.”  That’s certainly going to make fans happy; being able to see the two bands performing the songs they’re each known for, but on the same stage, is not something that happens every day.  It will be a nice preview of what’s possibly planned for the tour.  With all the hype surrounding both the award show now and the tour, the AMAs is sure to bring in high ratings.  Hopefully BSB and NKOTB don’t disappoint their fans or anyone else tuning in just for their performance.

Do you think the BSB-NKOTB AMAs performance (and tour) will live up to expectations?

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