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This is the introduction to my first BUFFY fanfic. I am still writing more to part one. There will beat least five parts. For the most recent updates, check .


KAFARA: The Undead Vampire Slayer
A New Fanfiction by Buffysmglover


In Alice Henderson’s Award-Winning Buffy novel, Portal Through Time, Cordelia (as a vampire) talks to some of the Master’s servants about how the Slayer, Kafara, killed the Master after being drained by him and turned. Then, it was said that she rose to power.  All Buffy fans know that Buffy was the Slayer at the time of the Master’s freedom-seeking time. This new slayer was part of an alternate timeline where Buffy was killed before she was chosen. Kafara’s life after becoming a vampire is put into words.

Into every generation, a slayer is born. In an attempt to rise to freedom and power, the Master drives his blood-stained fangs into the flesh of a Slayer’s neck. She was now near death, but not dead. The Master didn’t know that a simple change in the Slayer timeline would alter what should have happened after he sucked the delicious blood. Nothing happened… at all.

The Slayer now lay on the ground, staring towards the Master, slowly closing her eyes. She heard the Master’s voice as she did so. She did not know that that the next thing she would see would be the last in her life.

How could this happen? I just became the Slayer! I don’t want to die! Little did she know that she was everything but dead… she was undead. Darkness surrounded the woman, and she had to question whether she was being delivered to Heaven or Hell. Slowly opening her eyes, she could make out her killer in the blur of darkness.

“Luke.” She jumped up, only to fall again. Something felt different, better than she felt the last time her eyes had been open. Inside her own body lived two powers, the Beauty and the Beast, and she could feel them. She’d made this connection with her body before, about six months ago, when she was chosen. But the darkness inside her revealed itself in an obnoxious fashion… unexpectedly, the girl’s face morphed and she became a lot bumpier. She hadn’t noticed.

The vampire, Luke, came to her side and stepped one foot over her body. The deep shadow and form of the being looming over her could turn any blood cold. Well, her blood, as she had just noted, was already cold, before she saw Luke.

“Your Watcher was good,” Luke paused as the leather of his boot met with skin, turning the girl’s head to reveal the puncture wounds created mere hours ago. “But you, my dear servant, Kafara, were delectable. Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you’re accent is? Makes you seem more threatening.”

Kafara had been taught English long ago, back when the Council discovered that she was a potential slayer. But her heavy accent still remained.

She finally understood one-hundred percent of what was happening. Kafara was a vampire now. She wanted to cry out so badly, and she found it hard to disguise her urge. She was ready to stake herself, ready to be with her Watcher, even though she knew it might not be possible. But she had to play along, if only for a minute.

“Thank you, so much, Luke. I feel,” she licked the air,” so alive.” It was working, she figured, according to the new found smile across Luke’s face. She could kill him now, and get him off of her. A kick in the groin and a stake in the heart, the vampire would be down and out.

But not yet. “So tell me, what are the Master’s plans?”

“His original plans,” he coughed up something resembling a laugh, his grotesque features forming in the process, “were to kill you himself. He hadn’t drained enough of you. Something went wrong.” Seems it always does,he thought to himself.

“So why did you turn me?”

“Don’t you think we had a back-up plan in case that little act didn’t work? We had come across a prophecy that led on to how the Master could be freed without feeding off you.”

Of course, a prophecy. There was always a prophecy when it came to the old ones. ” So what’d the prophecy say?”

“Turning you into one of us doesn’t change the power or essence of the Slayer-blood. It just has the blood of the vampires mixed in. My theory is that, being a Slayer-Vampire mutt, you would have enough strength to become the ultimate fear, the ultimate vampire. Except for the Master of course. You’re a vampire, so you can’t die from loss of blood. And now that you’re on of us, you’ll offer you’re blood to the Master.”

Oh, will I now? Not thinking so. ” It’d be my pleasure…” Being bitten for the second time isn’t something that I’ve been looking into. Absolutely NO research in that area. I’m going to have to go along with this a lot longer than I first thought. “How soon?”

“You get thirty minutes.”


After she had made sure he was gone, Kafara sprinted to the tiny, yet insignificant room where she would find her watcher stone cold. Kicking down the door was only the first part to getting in. She fell over the tide of books on the floor, once piled neatly into stacks of ten. It was obvious there had been a struggle. She stood up, tried to leap over the pages, and she fell for a second time. When she tried to stand once more, she fell again, but not because of the crinkling surface. She had fallen on her Watcher.

His hazel eyes that she had come to admire were now a cloudy shade of blue. His usually neat hair was spread all around his face. Why did they have to give me one of the English? They always prove to be the stupider ones. The only thing she could think to do was to make herself feel better by harassing this cold, dead body.

Only then did she catch the scent of the blood in the air. She became highly attracted to it, lost in it. No! Don’t do this to me. Don’t make him, his blood, be the first! Please! While Kafara begged for some control, her newly-found instincts took over…


She had only twenty minutes left. The blood of her late Watcher stained her teeth. To think that in less than an hour the Master may be drinking the Watcher’s blood as well, only straight from her veins instead, pained her.

What could a seventeen-year-old girl do in twenty minutes? Most girls would probably paint their toenails or pick on some boy who was head-over-heels for them. But none of them lived the life of a Slayer. Then again, I’m dead. A new girl has been chosen, and, as far as I know, she could be watching me now, ready for her first kill. Still walking, she looked up at the breath-taking moon, its gleam brightening her vision. She couldn’t help but wonder when they would meet, her and the new one.

Then it came back to her that she didn’t have to stay like this, alone in the shadows. She could stake herself, never letting the Master rise to power. She could produce a plan to overpower the Master. It’d be a difficult task, but it would work. Preferring option two over one, she set to work.

The wheels turned in her head as she walked the path to the nearest cemetery. When she found it, she sat down on a random tombstone. Looking down, she read:

Buffy Anne Summers The Most Beautiful Little Girl and The Best Daughter Ever

There weren’t any years carved in the stone, so Kafara figured the parents didn’t want to think of how old she was. One of those “I’ve-read-all-the-books-and-I- think-I-know-what-to-do” types.

Without any warning at all, the wind was knocked out of Kafara and she fell, unconscious, to the ground. She was lost in a dream-like place. Images and sounds flashed around in her head at super-speed.

“You shouldn’t have ever had the chance to connect with her!” screamed a dark voice.
She saw a new mother, having just delivered her first child.

A blinding light and a feeling of drowning swept over Kafara.

She saw a girl, almost her age, flopped over on her back. A boy of the same age was doing everything he could to bring back her breath. She was dead, bitten and drowned by the Master. The Master had risen.

The next image showed the same girl, soaking wet, pushing the Master off of the top of a building. He fell, accurately piercing his heart with a broken table, or some other kind of debris. He had become mostly dust.

The images faded away and new ones appeared.

A blonde toddler came into view, playing outside of a beautiful house. Two vampires stood around her. The image was gone as swiftly as the swinging of the axe held by one of the vampires.

The mother from before was with a man, shoving papers into his hands. “I’m moving to Sunnydale! It’s a nice little town, and I think its somewhere that could make me forget about you.” The woman pointed at the papers. “Sign them. Oh, and, I’m taking her body with me, Hank.”

“Joyce,” Hank began.

“Its your fault she’s dead! You said she could stay outside alone!”

The next image was of herself, sort of. She saw herself stake the Master, but the image was almost flickering. Before the Master had become a complete pile of dust, the image morphed back into the Slayer she’d seen push the Master.

“It’s not enough.” She was talking to Kafara, staring straight into her face… well, it was as if it wasn’t a dream. ” You have no clue.”

The image quickly turned into the girl hammering bones to dust. Not one bone in the body had been missing.
Kafara awoke suddenly. She shot up from the ground, barely noticing the pain in her arm where it had hit a rock. She checked her pockets on her clothing, making sure she still had everything on her that she had died with: three stakes (one in the form of a pencil), a lighter, a small knife with the build and strength of a samurai sword. ” I know exactly what to do.”


“And what is that?” Luke was standing behind her. He had only seen her standing and heard what she said. Hearing her say this startled him, because it could mean a number of things.

Kafara jumped at his voice, ready to whip out a stake. Got to be more careful. Keep those Slayer instincts at rest position for the next few minutes. ” I had dozed off, Luke. I was just recalling everything you told me.”

He seemed to have fallen for it. Hadn’t her Watcher told her how smart this creep was supposed to be? “So you also remembered that you have five minutes?” He took a dramatic pause, adding a grim stare to it. “Let’s go.”

“Right.” Whew…

He led her through a crypt. A coffin sat in the middle of the musty, dark room. A second later, she hadn’t known what had happened. They must have passed through a hidden entrance to the Master’s underground lair.

It seemed like the tunnel was endless. Torches lit the wall and yet she still couldn’t see the end. A minute later, she learned it was because the end was to the left, not straight ahead. In the center of the round, dirty room stood the Master, four of his most faithful servants lined up in a circle around him. She’d faced all of them at one time or another: Victor, Jared, Victoria, and Darla. There was also an empty place for Luke, which he immediately took when they entered.

” Welcome, child.” His face, distorted by old age, sprouted a thin smile. He’s wrong if he thinks that’s welcoming. “Just stand here, next to me, and we’ll get this over with.” He started to laugh as he thought of the destruction he would cause.

Kafara walked to the spot the Master had indicated. In a few seconds, she would have two more puncture wounds to add to her list of scars.

“In five seconds, I will drink… and the World will be mine!” She counted down in her head. 5…4…

“Would you please hurry, Master? I have friends to meet.” Victoria must have been a favorite of the Master’s because he would usually have killed a vampire who gave him that attitude.


Kafara heard the Master roar just before she felt the connection between his teeth and her flesh. Even though she had the strength of a vampire plus her Slayer strength, the bite still hurt, but she had expected it to hurt a lot worse. There was a little pop sound as the fangs unbuckled from her neck.

Turning around, she saw the Master lifting his arms into the air and laughing. He could feel that it had worked, and he wanted to bathe in the feeling of freedom. Now was her chance. Choosing the pencil from her back pocket, mainly because if he sensed her attack the pencil could slide through his grasp, she shoved it through the Master’s heart. He was looking down, astounded, as he turned to dust. Kafara backed away from the center of the room as the rest of her species who were present stared in astonishment. Only bones remained.

“Nooooo!” Victoria was the first to attack. I was hoping so. The brunette babe came at her with her leg first, trying to drive her heel into Kafara’s head. Kafara ducked the kick, and Victoria’s heel became stuck in the wall. Kafara ran forward from under Victoria, lifting her grounded leg so high that she could hear the cracks of each bone in her back as she was bended backwards.

“You biatch! How could you turn against us? You’re one of us!” Victoria wiggled around like a worm in a child’s fingers.

“Surprised you can still talk after the number I just pulled on you. Guess you didn’t snap enough for it to affect your vocal chords.”

Kafara had intended to keep moving after dropping Victoria’s leg, maybe to even escape, but she was stopped. Standing right behind Victoria was Victor, hoping to surprise the Slayer and succeeding. He let one fist swiftly move towards Kafara’s abdomen. When that didn’t slow her down, Victor grasped his arms around her, intending to throw her across the room next. But instead, they both came to the ground. She quickly pulled out another stake, shoving it deep through Victor.

“Say ‘goodbye.'” The vamp was dust, stake and all. The combined abilities of the Slayer and vampire are really coming in handy. Strength, agility, healing… I am so feeling it.

Darla came at her next, as Luke began to back away. Kafara simply moved an inch to the right, stuck her foot out, and let the vampire do the rest. This is almost too easy. Darla tripped and was stopped by Victoria’s body, struggling to get it’s foot free. Kafara took her lighter out of her right-front pocket. It was one of the long ones with holes in it at the end. Mighty fast, she lit the lighter, caught the pencil on fire, and shoved them both through Darla and then Victoria, so both of them had caught on fire. As a bonus, adding the flaming pencil would shorten the amount of time it would take to get rid of them. Kafara had to size this up. Darla was now stuck to Victoria because of the lighter and pencil. Victoria was stuck to the wall by her heel. By the time Kafara was done with Luke, the two girls would be ash.

But when she turned he was gone.

“He’ll get you, Slayer,” coughed Darla.

“You know he will,” choked the other.

“But when he comes,” Kafara began backing away from the fire as it rose, “I’ll be ready for him.”

“But no Slayer could kill us all! You have no better chances than what you’ve already done tonight. No Slayer could, or should, ask for more!”

“There’s something your forgetting about me. I’m not just a Slayer. I’m the Undead Vampire Slayer.” I actually like the sound of that.Kafara shoved her last stake through Darla, just so that she wouldn’t have to listen to her anymore.

She took out her knife as she walked back to the Master’s bones. All I need is a little piece, and noone will ever be able to resurrect him. She slowly began moving the knife back and forth over a piece of the neck that could easily come off. Besides, now he’s been staked and decapitated. Shoving the bone into her shirt pocket, she turned and left the same way she had come in.


I can’t believe she did it! That Slayer will be mine! Luke was near the end of the tunnel when he quickly veered left. Eight vamps sat in the room, feeding off twelve humans.

“The Master is dead.” Luke informed them. “And we’re going to stake the Slayer…”

BuM, bUm, BUUUM!

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