Bubbles by richard lynn livesay

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Bubbles of love float free in the air

Bursting with happiness without despair

A smile in the trees with the wisdom of age

Hope of spring leaves on the seasonal stage

The ducks not caring if it rains or it shines

As everyone feeds them two or three times


It’s a brand new year with hope for better

With the poets wish for a new alphabet letter

Will 2012 be different or just another year?

I guess it’s up to us to choose love or fear

If your ice cream don’t melt or the dollar fall

Jobs stay at home and the flu bug don’t call


There’s a rough storm a boil’n all over the world

The people don’t like their leaders, riots unfurled

A change in the system, revaluation is near

The 99% will be heard, we the people are here

Mother Earth, abused and used, will arise

And ascend; Let those that hear, be wise.

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RICHARD LYNN LIVESAY - Poet/Artist•Born 1943 Lubbock, Texas, lives in Greenville, SC• Education: U. of Ariz., Lubbock Christian College, Texas Tech U.• Careers: Art, Medical, Transportation, Entertainment• Curr

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