Buddism Is–Not about Beer, Apparently. X-Rays of Dean’s Head Show Nothing

One of the leading search arguments on Google today, although not as popular as “dizzy dean,”  is “buddism is.”  It’s hard to tell for sure, but here at NNN analysts are sticking to the conclusion that the search argument refers to the major world religion usually spelled “Buddhism” rather than the beer produced in the US by Anheuser Busch that’s named after a Czech brew, a company that did not own the St. Louis Cardinals when Dizzy Dean and his brother Paul pitched for them,  or some sort of marijuana related cult.  NNN analysts cite the popularity of “christianity is” as a Google search argument as evidence that the buddism reference is religious.

Dr Jerome H. “Dizzy” Dean of the  Katz Institute, no relation to the baseball immortal, posits a religious connection of another sort.  “I have reason to believe that a new cult called ‘Buddism’ is gaining momentum among our nation’s youth.  It’s very much like the worship of Dionysus without the inconvenience of castration.  Votaries gather for sacramental consumption of beer and marijuana in what they describe as ‘mass quantities.’  The basic tenet of the faith is that one communicates with the universal divine essence through passing out and vomiting.”  Dean cites events like the Perpetual Spring Break, an underground event,  which began in many cities last year and continues unabated.  Dean mentions S. F. Giants’ pitcher Tim Lincecum as one of the most popular symbols of the new faith.  Lincecum was unavailable for comment.

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