Buddy vs Critters In Our Apple Tree WWE 7/25/12

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Buddy is one of those cats that when she takes a notion she’ll hunt or simply scare critters off for the fun of it.

Today Buddy was hiding out on the right side of our apple tree(it was split in 1/2 by lightning a couple years ago and is still hanging in there) hidden by the branches and leaves. Since she is mostly black she is able to hide in the tree quite well.

Buddy at first appeared to be taking a nap until slowly we see the tree branches begin to twitch and shake just a little as Buddy slowly stalked the small bird she was after. The bird never saw her coming until snap! it was too late, Buddy had snapped the small bird’s neck in her jaws and then proudly carried her trophy over to show my Dad and I who until then were enjoying our lunch of pizza outside on the patio, before she carried it off to the front porch where she lay snacking on her fresh kill while lying in wait for the mail carrier who still hasn’t quite gotten used to Buddy’s antics.

Our poor mail carrier is usually just taunted by Buddy to get the chewy treats she carries, today however Buddy seemed quite pleased not only to have spoiled lunch for my Dad and I but also to make the mail carrier scream when what was left of the bird was dropped at her feet while Buddy proudly looked up at her and licked her chops.

I am just guessing but with the full moon approaching Buddy’s antics are only going to get worse! She does it every time, and always has some new way to either scare the poor mail carriers or gross us out. Otherwise she doesn’t bring us her trophies. I suppose she had to do it though cause we were eating our own lunch and cats unless there’s a bit of the devil in them don’t care if their humans are grossed out.

I feel sorry for the poor unsuspecting birds and squirrels in our apple tree, Buddy has discovered that they don’t seem to notice her until it’s too late.

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