Budget Amendment Needed for Boehner’s Debt Ceiling Bill

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After Boehner’s Debt Ceiling Bill stalled in the House of Representatives last night, Boehner added a Balanced Budget Amendment to garner votes from the Tea Party. Boehner’s pre-amendment plan allowed for a temporary debt ceiling raise for six months time to prevent the US from defaulting on its debt. Then the bill called for a second round of possible debt ceiling raising after that time. The bill stalled in the Republican-majority House, primarily because it was not strong enough for many Republicans.

Thus, Boehner scrapped together a budget amendment for the debt ceiling bill to gain enough House Tea Party votes to make it to the Senate. The new budget amendment will need a “Balanced Budget Amendment” to pass through both chambers of congress and sent to the states for ratification before the second debt ceiling increase in six months could be approved and before any debt ceiling increase.

This means that the bill is more fiscally conservative and requires a balanced budget acceptable by the senate and house before the second debt ceiling could be raised.

While this may help get the bill through the House, it weakens its chances in the Democrat-controlled Senate, which has already shown intent to vote down the bill even before the budget amendment. In requiring the amendment Boehner’s plan loses momentum and he loses some control in the House.

With the amendment, this bill is not a super conservative and unrealistic attempt by Boehner. In fact it is still not fiscally conservative enough for many Republicans because the bill only requires the Senate to have a mere 50 percent majority and not a 2/3 majority to raise taxes.

All of this squabbling over the debt ceiling and raising taxes does nothing to solve the problem of debt. Unfortunately America’s politicians are worrying over how much debt is too much and how much to take from the citizens. The real questions remain: How is the USA going to get money? How is America as a whole going to save money?

If state representatives and senators focused on specific ways to gain prosperity for the country there would be no problem balancing a budget. There would be no need for a budget amendment.

Ways to support local businesses need to be discussed at this large scale. There should be a mass movement to buy American goods. There needs to be a national movement for everyone to save money. The US also needs to focus on gaining strong alliances with other countries to get through this debt.

The face of America needs to change; certain businesses may no longer be practical. America has been the fat wealthy cow for a long time, but it is still not poor by any standards. Take a visit to or research China or India, the so called emerging markets and countries of new wealth. Compare the infrastructure, the freedoms and quality of life for the people. America still trumps them easily, in recession, in crisis, yesterday and today.

Senators and representatives need to stop arguing amongst themselves on this issue because it is not the most pertinent issue. Pick a plan of action and move on. The debt ceiling bill only asks for more time. In slowly creating the plan, American leaders only waste time. Focus on ways to get to work, and put in actual hard work to unite the people and inspire Americans to do the same.

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