Buffalo gores tourist in Yellowstone National Park(video footage)

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A woman from Farr West, Utah is lucky to be alive after a recent attack from an angry buffalo.  Cathy Hayes told CNN late Wednesday that she, her husband, and a friend were on vacation Monday when a, seemingly calm bison suddenly turned and charged at them while they were filming.

“My friend is from California, and had never seen a bison before,” she said. “So we pulled over and went to get a closer look.”

A moment later, the three happy vacationers would flee for their lives as the buffalo trounced about, and charged them head on.  In the footage, below, the buffalo can be seen grazing, while the next minute it is seen suddenly agitated by something.  This would signal the imminent charge against the unexpected tourists. Hayes believes the agitation was brought on by something thrown onto the buffalo’s back by a member of a group ahead of them.

“There was another group in front of us, and I never noticed it before looking at the video on my small camera, but you can see a stick fly off the back of the bison,” she said. “It looks like it came from the group that was in front of him. Before that, the bison was just chillin.'”

Hayes fled to a nearby tree, but it was too late.  She was attacked, repeatedly by the bison, and at one point flipped into the air, which demonstrates the animal’s immense power.  She sustained non-life threatening injuries, but carries the mental scars with her.  Her friend sustained a broken shoulder when he tripped from fleeing.

This incident underscores the importance of adhering to warnings and postings while on vacation, especially around wild animals.  Here are a few safety tips you can use when around wild animals.

Source:  CNN

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