Bullied Bus Monitor Receives Her $703,833 Check

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Bullied bus monitor Karen Klein just became $703,833 richer. She finally received her check on Tuesday in Toronto all thanks to Max Sidorov. He initially started a charity campaign to raise $5,000 to send her on a nice vacation after she was bullied by young teenagers on a bus earlier this year. But people from around the world ended up donating almost a million dollars to her.

Klein has since retired from her meager $15,506 a year job and has been able to pay off her house and car. She still finds it hard to believe that people donated that much money to her. Going from making such a low wage to almost being a millionaire would definitely change your life forever.

The 68-year-old plans to spend $100,000 of that money to start an anti-bullying foundation. It’s great that she’s using some of her money to go towards a great cause like that.

Bullied Bus Monitor Collects $703,833 CheckKlein didn’t deserve to be treated like that by those teenage kids. She’s an elderly woman who has worked all of her life and hasn’t bothered a soul. Now that she finally has money, she can just enjoy her later years and not have to worry about being harassed again.

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