Bully Busting – Genre Shorties Week 64

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Written for Tracy’s prompt:


You just had a fight with someone over something.
With whom did you fight, and what did you fight about?
And did anyone “win”?




“Butch Barnes, give me back my silly putty or I’m gonna tell your mom!”

“Whatcha need my mommy for?” he sneered, towering over me. “Cant fight your own battles, stupid girl?”

“You want trouble? I’ll give ya trouble,” I said, kicking him in the shins.

He pushed me down, pinned me and was posed to shove his fist through my nose.

I did what I had to .

I whistled for my Girl Squad and that ragtag bunch of five-year old female avengers answered my call.

After a good pummeling, Butch was drug to our underground headquarters and lobotomized.

Girls Rule!


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