Bullying and Suggestions

A woman testified before Congress: “. . .  on April 6, after enduring what his mother called “relentless” bullying at school, Carl hanged himself with an extension cord in the family’s Springfield, Massachusetts, home.”

I pulled my daughter out of our local public school, and she is being schooled at home due to stress and being she is on an IEP the school is required to teach her from home with a letter from her phychiatrist. 

She was attacked by a gang, who said she was calling them names and threatening them.  Sure, all 30 of them.  What to do?  Is bullying just a fact of life in school or are there things we can do about it?  If it is against the law to not cyber bully people, why do our children have to suffer with bullying at school.  The principal in my daughter’s case was aware of what was happening, and this same gang was regular at bullying kids and claiming the same thing.  The principal would send her back to class, and have a talk with the kids, but that made things worse.

Here is a link to the article about this baby who hung himself.





Please respond if you have any ideas.  Legistlation and prosecution in these matters should in my opinion be persued.  The school was not interested in helping nor did they offer until I presented them with a letter from her doctor, and I pulled the IEP out, and demanded they educate my daughter and keep her safe.

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