Bummed Out Kristen Stewart Back in LA

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Kristen Stewart shocked the world when she landed in Paris earlier this week sporting an accessory that is so rare, you had to look twice. She was actually smiling! Was she smiling because she was in Paris or is she actually enjoying her life again?

Whatever the case may be, the smile was fleeting. Did the grey skies get her down? After a few days in Paris, filled with fashion and fine dining, Kristen headed back home to California. You would think she would be happy to be returning to Los Angeles with its cheery, sunny skies and the comforts of home. Not to mention, the love of her life, Robert Pattinson is also floating around the state.

It wasn’t enough to make Kristen smile. She walked through LAX with her normal sullen expression. She looked like she had a long flight, but she was certainly dressed for comfort. She donned her typical skinny jeans and ratty t-shirt for her trip.

Her smiles are very rare. Paparazzi cannot be blamed for her mood change. They were in the French airport, and she still smiled. So, what gives? Did something happen between then and now to give Kristen Stewart a reason to frown? Hopefully, it was just a case of jet lag.

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