‘Bunheads’ Season 1, Episode 3 ‘Inherit the Wind’ recap

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Bunheads starts with Michelle (Sutton Foster) and Fanny (Kelly Bishop) sitting around the table with the lawyer (David Burke). There’s a whole lot of “I don’t understand” in the air. The lawyer keeps saying the same thing over and over with no attempt to say it differently (although, really, what could he say?), and she keeps saying, “I don’t understand.” He doesn’t help matters when he tells her that she never owned anything before so nothing has changed. He sees Michelle mouthing “stop talking” too late to stop. Fanny is thrilled with him.

After he leaves, Michelle pours a drink for Fanny and herself. Fanny gets up and leaves. Not one to waste a drink, Michelle drinks them both. At some point she makes up the couch because the next morning, she wakes up on the couch to a cacophony of animal clock noises. She bats the dog off the shelf and looks for something to eat, sadly, nothing seems to be appealing.

When she gets back with coffee and scones from the gas station, Fanny is pulling out an ancient kettle. She tells Michelle that it came with the house when they moved in so she thinks it’s okay to use it. The water is trickier since it comes out of the pipes which are clearly Michelle’s. She opts to use the mug Hubbell made for her when he was six. That seems questionable since the handle is made up of pretty uniform stars. Still upset, Fanny storms out.

Which is when Claire (Kiersten Warren), Ginny’s (Bailey Buntain) mom, comes over with her “taco in a bag” casserole. She wants to talk to Michelle about selling. She promptly takes her on a tour of her property and scares her to death. On their way back, Fanny spies them from the studio. She storms out to confront Michelle and won’t listen to her explanations that she isn’t trying to sell it out from under her.

Michelle decides she needs to get away for a bit and breaks Hubbell’s classic mustang (lovingly rebuilt by Hubbell) out for a ride. Everything’s going great until the car sputters to a stop. When the tow truck driver (Nate Mooney) gets there, he refuses to tow her or even to look at the car because it is on a private road. Michelle points out that there are no signs, but he just says that everyone knows and never mind that she is new because everyone knows.

When the sheriff comes by, the whole thing gets worse, and she winds up zip-tied in the back of his car. Fanny winds up springing her, but Michelle is determined to get permission from the road owner so she can get Hubbell’s car home. Fanny leaves her to it, and Michelle starts walking. And walking. And walking.

Michelle arrives at the house gasping for breath and nearly falls in when the door is opened. She complains about how many straight aways there were and how they misled her into thinking the house was just ahead. The owner, Grant (Steven Eckholdt) lets her in and gets her a glass of water. After she finally introduces herself, he tells her that he keeps putting up a sign for the road but the sheriff keeps taking it down. They then get to talking about her situation, as he decants a bottle of red. Grant tells her that she should not listen to Claire. He also suggests that maybe a dancer with a dance studio is not such a bad thing. He then drives her back to her car at the bottom of his driveway.

When Michelle gets home she has a bottle of wine and a decanter. She tells Fanny that they have a lot to talk about, and that she’s moving into the guest house behind the studio.

Meanwhile, the bunheads have class and try to win the “ugliest feet” contest. They’ve never won. Melanie (Emma Dumont) has her brother at her beck and call. He threw a party without their parents’ permission, and his punishment is being Melanie’s chauffeur. The thing is that Boo (Kaitlyn Jenkins) has a huge crush on him and is in a complete panic over his presence in class. Melanie convinces her to be in the front of the class so that he can see her. He’s kind of an oblivious teenaged boy. Sasha (Julia Goldani Telles) embarrasses her by saying loudly that she should just give him a lap dance already. Boo is mortified and tries to slink back, but Fanny spots her and makes her stay.

Later, Melanie and Ginny commiserate with Boo over Sasha’s mean girl behavior. Boo is understanding, but Sasha overhears and yells at the hapless Boo for trying to psychoanalyze her. After class, Ginny heads over to Melanie’s for a sleepover. They try to convince Boo to come along, but she refuses.

Getting into her mom’s car, she greets Nanette (Jennifer Hasty). Nanette tells her she should go, but Boo refuses. Nanette tells her that she made macaroni and cheese from that new “Light” cookbook Boo bought. It’s awful and smells like “dead feet.” She invites her to smell her shirt. They laugh and laugh. Sasha sees this scene and gets into her own car. Her mother is no Nanette. She tells Sasha that no one is going to be home so she can order in or whatever. So it’s no surprise that Michelle catches her in the studio before going into Fanny with the wine. She asks Sasha if she’s okay. Sasha says yes, but it’s pretty clear from her voice that she’s not. So apparently the show is going to explain why Sasha is so surly, but for right now? Still a mystery.

You can watch full episodes here.

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