Burger King Whopper Channel: Get Three Free Whoppers! (Video)

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Burger King’s all new whopper channel is more than just for watching. You can score yourself up to three free whoppers if you watch long enough. Yes, waste your time but earn free food Burger King's logoin the process. Seriously, how valuable is your time to you?

Well, if you’re broke but hungry and very bored, you can tune into channel 111 on DirecTV and watch Burger King’s latest campaign called Whopper Lust. It’s a video of a whopper and after five minutes you get a free whopper that you can request a coupon for or you can choose to wait it out for another 15 minutes for two whoppers or 30 minutes for a total of three whoppers.

Speaking about the Burger King’s whopper channel, its creator Matt O’Rourke stated, “It’s amazing how easily brands give away their products on platforms such Facebook. I understand wanting to attract ‘likes’… but there’s ways to interact with consumers without gutting the value of your product. People are willing to do a lot to get their hands on whopper.”

Apparently, O’Rourke is oh so right because thus far an estimated 810,000 minutes have been wasted, er, watched by faithful whopper fans since Whopper Lust began on Monday. In the end, what’s 30 minutes of your life worth to you? Is it worth around $10 because that’s pretty much the cost of 3 whoppers. If you feel that is time well spent then remember to tune into channel 111 on DirecTV. It’s definitely a yummy deal!

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