Bus Driver Uppercuts ‘Girl’ in Viral Video

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The bus driver uppercut video making rounds on the web has everyone debating about whether the driver was right to punch an irate passenger. So will he get unfairly punished because his target was a girl?

Well, the internet has labeled the petite passenger who confronts the driver in the video as being a “girl,” but she’s really more of a woman. The footage in question shows a 25-year-old female passenger confronting a Cleveland bus driver for an unknown reason.

At first the bus driver threatens to call up some of his female family members to fight with the angry woman, who spits on him after he talks about how she looks like somebody sliced her face up. This is when the driver gets up out of his seat and punches the woman in the face. The two struggle, and at one point it also looks like the driver pulls her hair. He then tosses her off of the bus before telling the rest of the passengers, “She want to be a man, I’m gonna treat you like a man.”

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) apologized to customers for the incident and suspended the driver in question.

Some of the passengers in the bus driver uppercut video can be heard screaming to the driver that he’s hitting a girl, and the girl threatens to send him to jail. So will the driver end up behind bars?

The internet is at odds over what should happen to him. Some people believe that the woman got what she deserved for running her mouth, and some suggest that the driver had a right to fight back since she assaulted him first by spitting on him. Then there are others who believe that the driver went way too far.

Perhaps it would have been best if he had simply told the woman to get off of his bus. If she refused, then he probably should have called the cops on her. During that call he could have asked the authorities what to do about the woman and if it was okay for him to physically remove her from the bus if she continued to be a problem.

But since he was captured on camera hitting the woman with such a powerful punch, it wouldn’t be surprising if the woman tries to sue him and the RTA.

You can check out the video below to see if you think that the driver deserves to be punished for his actions.

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