Busch Gardens Williamsburg – Part I: The Drive & Arrival!

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Yup, it’s Part I of my posts about my Busch Gardens adventure! Woohoo!

We started out at around 6pm. Unfortunately, we realized a little ways in that Scott’s GPS was sending us to the ferry instead of the Delaware Memorial Bridge. That was no good– the ferries were shut down because of the storm, and it was, in general, just a silly way of going. So we had to wing it to an alternate route before the GPS stopped being huffy and gave us another way of going.

Still, spirits were high!


A rare glimpse of me in glasses

Ok, so maybe I was a little more excited than Scott was.

Onwards we went. Into a rain storm. The part where we couldn’t see where we were driving was particularly fun! Thankfully, it didn’t hold out like that for too long, and eventually the skies cleared up a little.

Eventually, and with much rejoicing, we made it to the DelMemBr.

There are exciting videos of us going across the bridge and stuff, but I’m a bit backlogged on posting videos, so they’ll be up… eventually.

We switched driving somewhere at a rest stop in Virginia. I had the last leg of the journey. As we passed King’s Dominion, I realized that Adelaide wasn’t lying when she said it was literally right off the highway. Maybe we’ll go to that one next year…

We got to the hotel, Super 8 Historic Williamsburg, some time after midnight. Checked in, got our room, and and went to sleep! I woke up early, like a little kid on Christmas, but forced myself not to flail around until it was a more reasonable hour.

Ahh, to sprawl in a king-sized bed!

After that, of course, it was time for getting up and getting dressed and getting breakfast and then GETTING TO BUSCH GARDENS! Woohooo!

But you’ll have to wait for Part II for that ;)

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