Busch Gardens Williamsburg – Part V: Animals

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After splitting a sandwich, we took the tram back into the park and headed back over to Apollo’s Chariot. I think we went on it a bunch of times. I know, at some point during the day, we went on it a bunch and kept trying to do silly things at the point when the camera would snap our picture. There was a funny one of Scott giving me a silly look, but we didn’t buy it.

Skyride view

We then took the Skyride on over to the other area of the park. Or, I should say, we took one of the three ‘legs’ of the skyride over, since it had three stations.

Scott on the skyride

There, we took another ride on Griffon (I think, maybe more than one) and then rode Alpengeist twice in a row.

Shortly after this, I think, I tried to take a photo of a porcupine, but it didn’t work out so well.

Since I’d only eaten half a sandwich at the car, I grabbed a salad somewhere in there, and then we saw the Predators show. We got there a few moments late, but I think they were still on the first animal– a Harris Hawk. The birds segment reminded me a bit of the one at the NY Renaissance Faire.

Owl– I liked the patterns on its back

They also had wolves and a fox and stuff, too.

Odin the wolf

After that, it was definitely time for some ice cream. On the way we passed the area with the Clydesdales, and a man had another owl out, too.  Hooray!


More next time!


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