Busch Gardens Williamsburg – Part VI: The Last Bit

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So, we got some ice cream. I’m not sure of the timeline at this point, but I know at some point we went on Da Vinci’s Cradle. That ride is pretty simple– a boat-like thing that swings around. You don’t go upside-down, but it still makes your stomach pretty fluttery. It was fun!

We also decided to check out a ride called Europe In the Air. The facade was quite unassuming; it was just tucked into the Ireland section, and you couldn’t really tell anything about it from the outside. We decided to go on in. Turns out, it’s a theatre-ride. You sit in rows, and when it starts, the whole thing the seats are on rises up. The screen in front of you shows scenes of Europe, and you fly around to view them. The thing holding the seats moves around, tilting and such, and giving the illusion  that you really are flying around. For such an unnoticed little ride, it was quite enjoyable!

We also went to one of the other shows– Celtic Fyre. It was an Irish step-dancing show, with a little plot of a wedding celebration. All good fun, and about half an hour. The singing and dancing was fantastic! (Helps that I’m a huge Riverdance fan.) Scott and I both enjoyed it. We also enjoyed the corndog he got there, hah ;)

Celtic Fyre set. The people up front sat at tables that the dancers danced on :)

We went to Das Brauhaus and Scott got a beer, and I got a way-too-sweet fruit punch. (Why oh why did I do that? Alas!) It was getting close to the 8pm closing time, so we decided to ride the four main coasters one last time each and then head out. I bought some postcards for friends on the way out… and they got to sit under my butt in my back pocket for the rides, haha! ;)

Griffon, paused over the edge, waiting to drop

First up was Alpengeist, and I thoroughly enjoyed the heck out of that last ride upon it, since it’s my favorite there. Then we hit Griffon, and enjoyed that quite a bit. Next was Loch Ness Monster, again, enjoyable! I think that ride wins my Nostalgia Award– for an old ride, it really holds up. Finally, we trekked to the very other side of the park and got in our last ride on Apollo’s Chariot, Scott’s favorite at the park.


Very dead, and with a pulled muscle on my part, we dragged ourselves on out of the park and back to the hotel. It was a super successful adventure, and a wonderful trip, and between how nice the park was and how few the crowds were, it was the perfect theme park adventure!

I think I look pretty terrifying here


This was the last Busch Gardens photoessay! Aw, sad! But look out for some videos! :)


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